Move Humanity at Cuenca, Ecuador

On December 2nd 2018, there were multiple events held around the world. Taking advantage of Nelson Mandela legacy anniversary, Human Act Foundation decided to launch their global campaign Move Humanity, which generated 10 events in different countries like Russia, Rwanda, Australia, Philipines, Turkey, Ecuador, etc. The Sustainable Development Solutions Network in the Andean Region (SDSN Andes), Yachay Tech University and the Junior Chamber International of Cuenca (JCI Cuenca) organized one of those events at Cuenca, Ecuador.

The Move Humanity campaign wants to mobilize economic resources to finance sustainable development initiatives. Specifically, it promotes that multimillionaires around the world donate 1% of their net wealth to contribute to poverty eradication, public health improvement and other topics covered by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Ecuador event open the call inviting the society in general to “donate” their time, abilities or knowledge to work for the SDGs.

The event had the presence and participation of the former city queen, who made a call to the youth to take personal actions related to taking care of our planet. After, there were tematic talks given by organizations such as SDSN Andes, AEEMPI, TECHO, JCI Cuenca, Cruz Roja Ecuatoriana; where the global challenges and local youth initiatives were presented. Finally, an interactive workshop, developed by the SDSN Youth team, simulated the global collaboration and competition neeeded to accomplish the SDGs.

The event attendees and participation of diverse organizations were a key contribution to the localization of global campaigns like Move Humanity and showed that they are essential ingredients to materialize the SDGs.


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