SDSN Youth at WYD Panama 2019

From January 22nd to January 27th, the World Youth Day (WYD), a global event that gathered together thousands of young catholics, was taking place at Panama City with the visit of Pope Francis. The week held multiple religious and recreative activities that wanted to raise awareness of the importance of youth faith in the global coexistence.

SDSN Youth organized a renewable energy workshop and a community dialogue focusing on Laudato Si, cooperation to reach the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the role of the youth in taking care of our planet. The participants had the chance to represent a fictional nation with a set of unique resources (motors, solar panels, wheels, and others) that they had to negotiate between the other twenty different nations to complete the individual goal of building a renewable energy vehicle as soon as possible. Besides, there was a colective goal that motivated the construction of at least 18 vehicles before the deadline, one vehicle per nation.

The message of the first fase of the event was to reflect about the competition between nations, organizations or individuals to acomplish the SDGs as soon as possible but also the cooperation required to acomplish the SDGs at a global scale. On the second fase, we held a discussion about the local implemention of the Laudato Si, a papal encyclical calling to action to protect our planet. The participants were able to comment their ideas and experiences with respect of taking care of the planet and their actions contributing to the SDGs.

For more information about the event, you can visit the ofifcial blog post. If you want to replicate the renewable energy workshop, you can contact your regional SDSN Youth secretariat:


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