Open call for young people in the Amazon.

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The Science Panel for the Amazon (SPA), convened under the auspices of the UN Sustainable Development  Solutions Network (SDSN), represents the world’s first high-level regional science initiative dedicated to the conservation and sustainable development of the Amazon. Its mission is “synthesizing and communicating scientific knowledge about  the Amazon, integrated with Indigenous and local knowledge, to accelerate solutions for sustainable and equitable development.” 


The SPA believes that by convening the world’s leading scientists, synthesizing scientific knowledge on the region, and promoting the inclusion of Indigenous and Local Knowledge (ILK) and Indigenous peoples and local communities (IPLCs) in knowledge dialogues initiatives, sufficient evidence can be compiled to support the development of science-based solutions and advance sustainable development pathways for the Amazon. Further, by disseminating this information and engaging key constituencies, governance can be strengthened, policies enacted and enforced, and transformative sustainable pathways in the region be implemented.


The Panel is working to develop a portfolio of outputs targeted at academia, governments at various levels (municipal, provincial, national, and regional) and branches (executive, legislative, and judicial), the private sector (particularly the financial and investment sectors), civil society advocates, Indigenous Peoples and local communities, and the international community. The SPA advocates for a broad portfolio of solutions, supported by decades of research, that can be implemented to address Amazon’s socio-economic, cultural, and ecological diversity and complexity. 


The SPA operates under the leadership and guidance of its Co-Chairs, Strategic Coordinator, Science Steering Committee (SSC), and Strategic Committee (StC), with support from the Technical-Scientific Secretariat. The SPA will establish a Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) to play a key role in the SPA’s efforts to mobilize the next generation of scientists in the region and ensure its work reaches a broader audience.

YAC (2024) Science Panel for the Amazon. Youth Advisory Committee: Terms of Reference  


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